Cuomo Blames Feds For COVID-19 Issues And Impact In New York

Image via New York State Governor Pool Feed.

ALBANY — In remarks during Monday’s virus update, Gov. Andrew Cuomo foisted the blame on the Trump administration and the federal government for COVID-19 issues in New York.

“The COVID problem in New York was a direct result of the negligence of the federal government. If this was a private situation, the state could sue the federal government for negligence. Gross negligence. The federal government is responsible for public health and international monitoring of public health,” Cuomo charged.

He said the federal government, not state governments, are responsible for “public health, homeland security, track diseases around the world and make sure you know where they are and make sure you know if they’re coming here. That’s the federal job. You know what they did? They failed. They failed. You know how you know that? They admitted it. They admitted it. They said China virus. The virus came from China. The virus was in China in December. They don’t take action until March.”

Cuomo challenged lawmakers to not provide funding for the MTA and come home seeking votes.

“Now, you cost New Yorkers lives and you cost New Yorkers billions of dollars and now to add insult to injury, you want to say you’re not going to provide federal funds to help alleviate the damage that you caused? That’s going to be the imposition? It’s reprehensible,” Cuomo said.

“Let those Congress people produce no federal funds and then come home to New York and run for re-election in November and let’s see what happens,” Cuomo said.

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