Wait To Receive Federal Payments Continues For Unemployed New Yorkers

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ALBANY — An additional $300 in unemployment benefits from the federal Lost Wages Assistance Program will eventually be rolling out to New Yorkers, but the wait for claimants to receive them continues in the state. 

The states of Arizona, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas have started Lost Wages Assistance Program payments. In total, they have 2.6 million claimants. New York State, which has not started the program payments yet, has had about 2.8 million alone.

According to NYS DOL spokesperson Deanna Cohen, New York has paid about “19 years’ worth of benefits in just five months” due to the pandemic. In a statement, she says in part, “… Administering the Lost Wages Assistance program is made even more complex by the federal administration’s inability to work with congress and the President’s attempt to cover for this failure with a haphazard executive order…”

New York State did not immediately apply for the LWA program until after states were not required to provide funding for it. There’s still no set date for when the LWA payments will start heading out to unemployed New Yorkers, but the Department of Labor says they will “continue to work as quickly as possible to get New Yorkers their benefits.”

Nineteen of the 41 states that have been approved for the program do not have set dates for the program payments to start heading out, either. The payments will be retroactive to August 1 when they are made available.

At this time, it’s also still unknown how long the LWA payments will go on.


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