Jamestown Area Businesswoman Follows Passion By Opening A New Flower Shop

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LAKEWOOD – A longtime Jamestown area businesswoman is taking time to stop and to smell the roses by following her passions and opening a new flower shop in Lakewood.

For the past 14-years, Kimberly Carlson worked at her family owned business in Jamestown, but after losing her son Alex to a heroin overdose in 2016, felt she needed to reassemble.

That’s why in November she revisited her floral design skills and founded Pea Pod and Juniper, located at 141 Chautauqua Ave in Lakewood.

“I wanted to be the best role model that I could be, and the best example of a woman that I could be, for other women, and especially my grandchildren, especially my grandchildren,” explained Carlson.

The name comes from her granddaughters, five-year-old Penelope and two-year-old Juniper.

“We need to spend more time doing what we love doing,” said Carlson. “Sometimes when the girls are at my house all they want to do is color, and you know what  if we spend an entire day coloring, let’s color, and I really was at a point that I needed to take things back to a basic idea of what I wanted my life to look like.”

Carlson says the venture is not so much about owning a flower shop, but rather, trying to give the community a place to ‘unplug’ and find some inspiration.

“I had a woman come in the other day and I thought, you know what, this is working, she was an older woman, she came in, she looked around for a few minutes, and went over and she sat down on the couch, she just sat their for a few minutes, and I thought, you know what, that is the way it is supposed to be,” furthered Carlson.

The grand opening ribbon cutting also featured remarks from local elected officials and other business community members officially welcoming Carlson to the Lakewood business community.

To learn more about Pea Pod and Juniper visit their website, ppjflowerslakewood.com.


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