New York Lawmakers Strike Deal To Rollback Governor’s Pandemic Powers

(Photo by Stephen B. Morton)

ALBANY – New York Lawmakers have struck a deal to rollback Governor Andrew Cuomo’s pandemic emergency powers.

Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins announced the deal in a statement.

“I think everyone understands where we were back in March and where we are now. We certainly see the need for a quick response but also want to move toward a system of increased oversight, and review,” said Stewart-Cousins. “The public deserves to have checks and balances. Our proposal would create a system with increased input while at the same time ensuring New Yorkers continue to be protected.”

A bill outlining the following could be passed this Friday:

  • Repeal the extraordinary powers granted to the Governor last year
  • Provide for an orderly transition through the end of the disaster period
  • Limit any further modifications to directives to that which is necessary to reduce the spread or increase vaccinations
  • Restore the right of counties and municipalities to issue executive orders without seeking state approval
  • Require the Governor to provide online reporting on all executive orders, providing transparency for all

Even though the deal still gives Cuomo the  authority to extend existing measures, he will have to notify various legislative leaders and accept public comment for or against his actions. 

Legislators also have the power to repeal a gubernatorial declaration of a state of emergency.


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