New York Looks To Build Memorial Thanking Essential Workers

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NEW YORK – New York State leaders are looking to building a memorial thanking essential workers for their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a publicity event at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in New York City on Tuesday, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced an Essential Workers Monument Advisory Committee.

Cuomo says the commission will be charged with finding a location for and designing a memorial thanking essential workers for their sacrifices throughout the pandemic.

“COVID was a war and [essential workers] were war heroes,” Cuomo said. “They gave their lives in the midst of that war to save others.”

The Essential Workers Monument will recognize the 17 essential worker groups whose members continued selflessly serving their fellow New Yorkers during the State’s coronavirus pandemic response.

These groups include: Nurses, Doctors, Hospital Staff, Teachers, Transport Workers, Police, Ambulance/EMT, Firefighters, Corrections, Sanitation, National Guard, Store Employees, Government Employees, Building Service Workers, Utility Workers, Delivery Drivers, and Construction/Manufacturing.


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  1. How about a monument to all the people in Nursing Home that Cuomo sent to their deaths?

    Can we have a memorial for them as well?

    Never forget, … Cuomo killed Granny, and #METOO ( nine women now….)

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