County Launching PSA Campaign To Help Boost COVID-19 Vaccinations

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MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County is working to create a public service announcement campaign to help boost COVID-19 vaccination numbers.

County Executive PJ Wendel, speaking during a virtual event on Friday, explained that those who received their vaccinations outside of Chautauqua County are not included in the county’s final vaccination number.

He says in order to get those numbers logged into the state and county system, residents need to contact the county health department to provide proof of vaccination.

As for those who remain skeptical to get the shot, Wendel recommends talking to their primary care provider about their options.

“Forcing people to get vaccinated is a challenge, and really isn’t ethical,” explained Wendel. “Now we have to look at, how do we encourage people to do that? Well, reaching out to your primary care physician is the key, they are the ones you trust, the ones who will guide you to that decision.”

Vaccination efforts countywide have now shifted toward smaller clinics at schools and other local facilities.

Over the weekend the County Health Department reported its lowest Coronavirus activity since last fall.


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