Borrello: Cuomo’s Pandemic Powers Like A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Saga, Calls For Repeal

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ALBANY – New York State Senator George Borrello railed with his colleagues in Albany Monday against the expanded pandemic powers given to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Borrello, comparing Cuomo’s powers to a ‘Game of Thrones’ saga, called for an end to the “COVID-19 State of Emergency” in New York.

Specifically, Borrello says that Cuomo is using his authority as a distraction from his ongoing legal troubles, like the sexual harassment allegations lodged against him.

“The rest of the United State of America is open for business, and New York State is still on lockdown from a tyrannical governor, a dictator, that is handling this very much like a scene from ‘Game of Thrones’, quite frankly,” said Borrello. “He has enforced his rules, his ultimate law, in order to keep himself in power for as long as he possibly can.”

Borrello explains that the state of emergency must be revoked before lawmakers leave Albany this week, saying in 15 months New York went from the Empire State to a state of chaos.

“We have the second highest unemployment rate, pretty much tied with the State of California, according to the statistics one out of every 11 people are looking for a job, yet I don’t know a single business owner that isn’t looking for an employee,” furthered Borrello. “We need to get New York back to work, our kids back to school, and we need to reassert ourselves as a separate co-equal branch of government in the state legislature.”

Last month he announced legislation that would pull back New York expanded unemployment benefits in an effort to get more people back to work.

The State Senator is among a group of Republican lawmakers that have called for an end to Cuomo’s pandemic powers for over a year now.


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