Jamestown Fire Department Eyes Update To Record-Keeping System After 17 Years

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JAMESTOWN – In a world ruled by digital technology, the Jamestown Fire Department is still using manual record-keeping methods for their reports, assessments, and documents. That’s about to change, according to Fire Chief Matthew Coon.

“Our most effective solution is going to be to use a program called New World, which is similar to what law enforcement uses for their records management system,” said Coon. 

This system would not only help streamline the Fire Department’s history and report keeping, but it would also interlink them with law enforcement and 9-1-1 operators.

“It’s going to be fully integrated,” said Coon. He also remarked, “I believe it’s going to be the most affordable solution for us.” 

Chautauqua County Sheriff Captain Rick Telford is helping Coon find a feasible replacement system. After using New World for about 35 years, he spoke highly of the technology. 

“From the police side it works great. When a police report is written, it automatically draws in the information the dispatcher takes,” elaborated Telford.

Telford says the system helps to save a lot of time and energy for police men and women, something that the Fire Department hopes carries over for their employees as well. 

A question was brought up regarding what is going to prevent Fire Department workers from looking at sensitive information from other branches of law enforcement and community safety with which New World is interconnected. 

“The Fire Department would not have access to anything… other than what would be fire-based,” responded Coon. 

The New World system will begin its implementation process before July 1 but may not be solely used for a few years, as it will take time for the 17 years worth of records taken on the previously-used system to be converted over.


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