Federal Judge Extends Temporary Hold On COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers

USAF / Melody Bordeaux

UTICA (WENY) – A federal judge has extended the hold on New York State’s requirement for healthcare workers with religious exemptions to still get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Judge David Hurd extended the temporary restraining order to October 12. Additionally, the Utica-based District Court will accept written arguments rather than hold an in-person hearing on Tuesday, September 28. Those written arguments will be used for Judge Hurd to base his decision on, which is expected by October 12.

As previously reported, several healthcare workers sued the state over its COVID-19 vaccine mandate refusing to acknowledge religious exemptions. The plaintiffs argue the order violates their religious freedoms.

The order does not completely eliminate the state’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. As of Tuesday, those who don’t have a religious or medical exemption must still get the vaccine.


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