Chautauqua County Educator Speaks Out Against COVID-19 Mandates In Schools

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CHERRY CREEK – A teacher in Chautauqua County is receiving national attention after taking a stand against state COVID-19 mandates in schools.

Pine Valley School History Teacher Angela Bittinger first spoke out during a Town Hall hosted by State Senator George Borrello last week. Since then, she says 1,000s of people have come forward showing support for her stance.

Specifically, she feels the mandates are violating the U.S. Constitution, and as an education, she feels it is important to inform not just her students that, but the community too.

“Nowhere in there it (the U.S. Constitution) says ‘government, stop what you are doing, step up, protect the people by forcing mandates and taking their rights away from them,” explained Bittinger.

As for schools, she is concerned for the future of education as a whole.

“I believe that there is definitely an agenda, there is a narrative to be told, and if you step outside of that narrative at all, you’re are targeted and eliminated from the system,” said Bittinger. “I’m sure I will be at some point here.”

Bittinger says she is currently under investigation by the district for her teaching methods. She would not go into great detail since the probe is underway, however explained she was simply trying to inform her students to make their own decision.

“I’m not out there telling anyone, ‘don’t go get the vaccine,’ I’m saying I am not getting the vaccine and that should be okay,” continued Bittinger. “In any wonderful education system, we teach multiple perspectives, we give the students all sides of the story and then we let them formulate their own opinions and make their own choices for what’s best for them.”

In the end her message is simple, with Bittinger hoping to inspire those who don’t agree with the mandates, especially those at schools, to stand up peacefully and advocate for their opinion.

Bittinger plans to further that message this weekend to a national audience as a guest on the Fox News talk show “Justice with Judge Jeanine” Sunday at 11:30 a.m.


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