Former President Bush Spoke To Hundreds In Erie Tuesday

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – Former President George W. Bush spoke to hundred of people in Erie Pennsylvania Tuesday as part of the Jefferson Educational Society’s Global Summit.

Bill Makarowski of Erie said he was excited to meet the former president and said that he was very personable.

“I just think it was absolutely wonderful to see a gentleman who has been such a moral, good part of the country and to see someone who’s gone through so much and done such great things for this country,” Makarowski said. “I feel very good about that.”

One of the pressing topics people were hoping to hear about during Bush’s speech was his take on the pullout from Afghanistan, a war that started when he was in office.

Several attendees told Erie News Now that he talked about the situation in Afghanistan.

Makarowski said that his key takeaway was that several of our military members were disappointed.

“But more than that, they were forgotten about and now they’re being taken to a situation where they’re going back to where things were before and that’s what resonated with me,” he said.

In addition to community members, several local lawmakers were also in attendance for the speech Tuesday night.

Congressman Mike Kelly said he enjoyed the evening and the messages from the former President.

He also said one of the key takeaways was the discussion about Afghanistan.

“He thought the way we left Afghanistan was horrible, it sends a bad message to our allies and friends around the world,” Kelly said.

Senator Pat Toomey was also a part of the discussion. Some key points of discussion he noted were pressing issues many citizens also addressed.

“Gas prices are a huge problem, inflation has become a real problem and it’s here and now, the border is a real problem,” Toomey said. “We do not have control of our southern border and that’s not acceptable so these are all really important front-burner issues as far as I’m concerned.”

Congressman Kelly also said it’s not all doom and gloom, noting our democracy will go through good times and bad times but that we will get through it.


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