NY’s Governor Doubles Down On Mask Mandate Importance

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NEW YORK – New York’s Governor is doubling down on the importance of the newly reissued mask mandate in the state as pushback against the act continues.

Governor Kathy Hochul defended the decision during a COVID-19 briefing in New York City on Tuesday.

Since the mandate went into effect on Monday several local and state leaders have spoke out against the act, including Chautauqua County’s Executive who says he will not enforce it.

Under the mandate, masks are required to be worn in all indoor public places, unless businesses or venues implement a vaccine requirement.

In the end, Hochul says this is a needed step to slow the spread of COVID-19. Specifically, the Governor says the objective is two-fold: protect the health of New Yorkers and protect the health of the economy.

“This is a short-term measure. It has a timeframe associated with it. And if you want to contrast what we dealt with in the past, it was open-ended, there was a lot of uncertainty, and I believe that given that we’re in a very different place now, that we have the ability to let people know that this has a deadline on it,” said Hochul.

Hochul says she will be assessing state date and “hopefully” progress will be made by January 15th when the order expires.


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