Betty White Challenge Celebrates Star’s 100th Birthday With Charity

LOS ANGELES – She was our golden girl, and Monday Betty White would have been 100-years-old. In honor of her life and legacy, consider this: The Betty White Challenge. 

Betty said her passion, what she loved most in the world, was animals. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: donate to an animal rescue or charity today, and be like Betty. 

White said she actually wanted to be a zookeeper when she grew up. In a way, she did just that, becoming an advocate for animal welfare and conservation and a vocal supporter of all accredited zoos. 

She worked with the Los Angeles Zoo for more than half her life and was on its board of trustees. 

White also supported fundraisers for a number of animal welfare organizations, and her fan club dues went to animal rescue charities. 

Yes, Betty White was even more amazing than you might have realized. She passed away on December 31st at 99-years-old. 


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