Council Fails To Re-Appoint Jamestown Resident To Human Rights Commission

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JAMESTOWN – A well-documented member of the Jamestown Human Rights Commission failed to secure the City Council’s approval of his nomination during a City Council meeting last night.

Resident Justin Hubbard, who also spearheads the Jamestown Justice Coalition, was nominated by Mayor Eddie Sundquist last month as part of the Mayor’s Board appointment list.

Hubbard spoke during the meeting, with fellow city resident Missy Paterniti challenging his comments.

“Whatever I’ve done in my public life, I’ve done in the pursuit of justice and representation for the marginalized people of the City of Jamestown,” Hubbard said. “It hasn’t made me popular, but I believe doing the right thing rarely does. I hope the Council allows me to continue to serve this city as a member of the Human Rights Commission, but if not, I will let you know I will continue to serve the people of Jamestown, especially those who are marginalized. I will speak truth to power, and as (late Congressman) John Lewis said, I will continue to get into good trouble.”

“And I’m just asking you, as the City Council that has the ability to remove this gentleman from the Commission, to please do so,” Paterniti replied. “Because he doesn’t belong there. He has the ability to have information, through the City of Jamestown, and he gets to choose if he wants to run it in the Human Rights Commission, or his Jamestown Justice Coalition.”

A letter to the Council was read earlier in the meeting, voicing support for Hubbard’s reappointment.


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