New Statistics Expand Explanation Of Chautauqua County’s Population Loss

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MAYVILLE – New statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau is expanding explanation of Chautauqua County’s population loss.

Last summer, the agency released finding’s of the 2020 Census, reporting that Chautauqua County’s total population decreased by 7,000 people over the past decade.

From 2010 to 2020, the county lost 5.9 percent of its population, while the City of Jamestown lost 6.7 percent of its population.

In the last year alone, the county lost 850 people with a current estimated population of around 126,800.

In an expanded finding this week, officials cited natural population decrease as the primary cause. This, they go on to say, is when more deaths than births occur.

This is not only a local trend, but nationally as well, with the agency saying more than 70 percent of counties nationwide also saw a natural population decrease.


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