Poop Scoopin’ In The Springtime

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By John Last

ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – This is a wonderful time of year.  Colorful flowers are popping up that make your backyard beautiful.  But, this is also the time of year to clean up your backyard of some ugly reminders of winter.

Dog poop has been piling up in many backyards since winter.  It’s not a pretty sight to see when spring arrives and the snow melts.  However, homeowners do not have to agonize about cleaning it up. There are businesses that do this dirty job for you.  Dillon Foringer works for Plowz and Mowz of Erie. He handled several dog waste jobs last week.

“The snow’s all melting so everyone wants their yard all spruced up and looking good for the summertime,” he says.

Backyards will be busy very soon.   Perhaps they host an April cookouts.  The lawns will soon have to be mowed. No one wants to step in a pile of doggie doo.  It must be removed.

“It all needs to be cleaned up by someone…and that someone is me,” said Dillon with a laugh.

The landscaping business has seen its share of technical improvements over the years, but for dog poop cleanup the tools remain simple and old fashioned.  A rake and a shovel.  A garbage can is used to carry away the waste.  Dillon says it’s not unusual for the can to get very full, even in a small backyard.

“There’s been some where it’s about half or actually three-quarters full.  It gets pretty heavy pretty fast.”

Dillon says his clients are very thankful that he’s available to do this kind of work.  He is a professional landscaper and is more often associated with beautiful things such as freshly cut grass and neatly trimmed shrubbery.  How does he really feel about traveling to someone else’s yard and picking up poop?

“I mean it’s definitely not my favorite but it’s a service that people need and I’m here to fulfill that need.

It’s not my favorite thing to do, but it pays the bills and it keeps customers happy.”

The cost of the cleanup varies from job to job.  Dillon says there is an app that gives you an immediate quote. Learn more here.


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