Local Restaurants Give Back To Officers, During Police Appreciation Week

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JAMESTOWN – Wednesday is the start of National Police Appreciation Week, and in Jamestown, many local eateries are giving back.

The annual occurrence takes place in May, and is meant to give back to police officers who sacrifice so much to keep the community safe.

This year, lasting from the 11th until the 17th, officers can go to select restaurants and eat for free.

Jamestown resident Melissa Paterniti helped set up the local effort to give back, signing up six local businesses to take part.

One of these is the HotSpot Cafe, under the leadership of owner Hector Alverio.

“These officers work day and night, so hard,“ explained Alverio. “They don’t get any free time, they don’t get to eat lunch half of the time, so why not feed them? Why not take some time and say you know what, they deserve this, let’s take care of them, so we’re here to take care of them. So we’re gonna feed them one day, hook them up with some good food, that way they get pretty happy.”

Other restaurants that are giving back include Game Time Sports Bar and Grill, Farm Fresh Foods, Sauce, Allen Street Diner, and Sandee’s Bakery.


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