National Patriot Tour Visits Falconer

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FALCONER – The National Patriot Tour made their first stop at the Harley Davidson shop in Falconer over the weekend as part of their appreciation for veterans. 

Hundreds of motorcycles from Pennsylvania cruised through Falconer last Saturday to celebrate those who served our country and participate in the annual flag ceremony.

“It’s to support the veterans and have a good time too,” said Pete Goulione, one of the riders.

After the bikers were situated at the shop, it was time for the flag ceremony, in which the American Flag would be passed on from the Erie branch to the Jamestown-Falconer branch.

“We’re handing over the flag to these guys, it’s gonna go all over the United States,” said Jake Banta, the flag bearer from Erie.

The flag is intended to be passed along different branches of the Patriot Tour until it reaches all 50 states, then it will make its way back to Erie.

“I’m carrying it and we’ll be delivering it to the next flag bearer in Arkport, New York. This flag will go all the way across the United States and end up back in Erie, Pennsylvania,” said J.D. Kifer, the flag bearer for Falconer.

Both are veterans themselves, Banta serving in Iraq and Kifer serving in the Marine Corps and Vietnam, making the tour extra important to them.

“It’s a wonderful event for veterans, we care about veterans and we are veterans. It’s a great cause for them,” said Banta.

In addition to showing veterans appreciation and support, the tour also raised funds to assist veterans who need it.

“All the money that is collected and donated goes to disabled veterans,” explained Kifer.

For many of the riders, the tour is more than just an event.

“I would like to say, veterans we have your left flank, we have your right flank and we’ve got your back,” Banta said.

Many agree the tour is a great way to give back to those who served, and a great way to kick off the week leading up to Memorial Day.


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