Humane Society Dog Kennel At Full Capacity, Group Waives Adoption Fees

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JAMESTOWN – The Chautauqua County Humane Society’s dog kennel has reached full capacity, with the non-profit animal group now waiving adoption fees to clear the shelter. 

“We are above capacity, it’s kind of a crisis situation. We’re really, we’ve got everybody who can be adopted is available for adoption. The three guys running around in here are available. All our kennels are full, we have dogs everywhere,” said animal wellness director, Danny Reynolds.

Generally, it costs between $100 to $200 to adopt a dog from the shelter, however because of the overpopulation, the fee is waived. 

“The adoption process hasn’t changed, we still have you fill out the application, we still discuss that application with you, and then we find a dog that’s the most appropriate fit,” said Reynolds. 

Luckily for these pups, even though the situation is critical, no one is in danger of being euthanized to make more room.

“So right now we’ve stopped all intake. We can’t take any strays in and we can’t take any owner surrenders in. Because we are a ‘no need to kill’ nobody is in danger as far as that goes. We’re not gonna euthanize anybody. We only euthanize for extreme behavior and health concerns, it’s quality of life. We’re never gonna euthanize for space,” said Reynolds.

Currently, there are over 31 dogs up for adoption, with at least a half-a-dozen more expected to be available in the coming days.

“The one good thing is right now we have a huge variety of dogs. We have pretty much any size for anybody that’s looking,” Reynolds explained. 

Adoption doesn’t have to be a decision made on the spot either. Humane Society officials explain that there are different ways to go about adoption, including foster to adopt, and taking part in the “Expawditions”, where someone interested in adopting can take a dog and spend the day with them to see if they’d be a good fit for each other. 

The Humane Society invites anyone interested in adopting a dog to visit their website


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