Borrello’s Bill Eyes Increase To Clothing, Footwear Tax Exemption

Pxhere / MGN

ALBANY, NY (WNY News Now) – A new bill introduced by State Senator George Borrello aims to increase a tax exemption for clothing and footwear sales in New York State.

Borrello’s bill, S.9541, would increase the current exception from $110 to $250.

He says the current state tax exemption on clothing and footwear has not changed since 1998, and with the recent jump in inflation, it’s time to help New Yorkers.

“It also makes good business sense. In my district, the competition for someone’s hard-earned dollar isn’t with a foreign country. It’s with Pennsylvania,” Sen. Borrello added. “Pennsylvania has no state sales tax on clothing or footwear. People naturally shop where their money goes farther.

The exemption would not apply to local sales taxes, unless specific counties or cities provide an exemption.


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