Soggy Picnics Led Folks To Holiday Furniture Sales

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By Keelin Berrian

ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – The wet and rainy Labor Day Holiday detoured plans for family barbeques and picnics. Instead, customers made their way to furniture stores.

The holiday brings deals to many furniture stores, which folks like to take advantage of.

John v Schultz places their items on a store wide discount, and it’s helping shoppers amid what we’re facing, inflation.

Shoppers say the holidays are the best time to get your discounted items and sales associates agrees. In fact, on a rainy day, business is better than before.

Labor Day weekend is known to be the end of the summer with sales on back-to-school items, appliances and furniture.

Some businesses are offering deals at a time we’re seeing our dollars are stretching like before.


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