Sen. Gillibrand advocates for additional healthcare funding

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By Sam Shapiro

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WENY) – Senator Kirsten Gillibrand called on congressional leadership to support community health workers Wednesday morning through an additional $1 billion in supplemental funding package designed to tackle healthcare issues at the local level. The funding would stack on top of the already $3 billion included in the American Rescue Plan.

“It was clear to me that providing more support in emergency rooms and hospitals for these workers, their communities, and public health systems is so necessary,” Gillibrand said. “Not only at this moment but for the future of public health access across the country.”

The recent Monkeypox and Polio outbreaks in New York are causing great concern. As the fall approaches and people begin spending more time indoors, healthcare officials warn people to prepare for another potential rise in COVID infections.

Gillibrand says the funding is necessary to provide much-needed support to public health workers treating COVID-19, in addition to growing Monkeypox and Polio outbreaks. Public health workers help connect underserved communities with needed services and also help with vaccine administration.

“With Monkeypox, Polio, and COVID-19 continuing to make many Americans sick, we need these essential workers and public health systems to be as supported and prepared as they can be moving forward,” Gillibrand said.

The American Rescue Plan Act was signed into law this year. People can find out more information on how to apply for funding set aside in the plan online.


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