Confusion Arises Over Senior Home Repair Program In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Officials in Jamestown are breaking down confusion about the newly launched Senior Citizen Home Improvement Incentive Program.

While work has begun on many homes citywide, applicants still have lingering questions, like how to pay the contractors working on their homes.

Senior citizen homeowners, who make less than $22,000 dollars a year, will pay for $10,000 dollars in improvements with a ten percent match from the household. 

The confusion surrounds how contractors get paid to make the necessary home repairs.

Officials say once repairs are completed, the homeowner should direct the contractor to the city to receive payment.

“Once it’s done they submit their final bill to me, the taxpayer submits their proof that they paid some down, if they did,“ explained Assessor Lisa Volpe. “I order the checks from the comptroller’s office, which takes at the most two weeks.”

Currently, only a handful of projects are complete. With colder weather on the way, a majority of the remaining projects will likely not be completed until Spring and Summer of 2023.

To cover the almost 300 applicants, the City Council has been asked to allocate another one million dollars to the program.


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