A New Area Code Is Coming To Phones In Western New York

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A new area code is coming to phones in Western New York, or, at least newly assigned digits anyway.

On Wednesday, the New York State Public Service Commission announced that “624” is the area code that new numbers in the current “716” area will get.

The Service Commission says the reason for the change is because wireline “716” numbers were running in low supply.

The new designation is expected to be activated before the second quarter of 2024, when the region could run out of available phone numbers.

Demand for new phone numbers is driven particularly by cell phones. As opposed to decades ago when there was generally one phone per household, today it’s not uncommon for each member of a household to have a cell phone with its own number, helping to create the issue of numbers within an area code being exhausted.


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