Pharmacy Profession Hit Hard Due to Staff Shortages and Inflation

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By Mike Ruzzi

ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – Staff shortages and inflation are hitting the pharmacy profession hard.

According to a report in U.S. Pharmacist, there is a major struggle to fill open positions, leading to higher payroll costs and longer wait times for patients.

“It’s kind of heartbreaking because pharmacy is the type of career that is essential,” said Bethany Bullan, PGYI Resident. “These jobs can really make a difference in people’s lives, they are struggling to get folks in, and it only really hurts the patients.”

In a poll conducted by the National Community Pharmacists Association, local pharmacy owners are having a hard time finding workers, from pharmacists to pharmacy technicians, it’s a big issue.

“The increase demand because of the pandemic,” said Rachel R. Ogden, Pharm. D., MS. “Pharmacists are able to test for COVID and treat under protocol.”

Unlike other small businesses, pharmacies can not raise prices in prescription medications to make up for higher costs.

“So it’s kind of a shifting on how pharmacists are spending their time in the pharmacy and where their time needs to be spent,” said Ogden.

Pharmacists answering the survey noted the drug Adderall, used to treat attention deficit-hyper-activity disorder, is in especially short supply. And they have had difficulty getting the medicine.


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