Local Lawmakers Question School Zone Camera Proposal

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — Jamestown lawmakers are questioning the intent behind a demonstration program that would test speed cameras in school zones within the pearl city. 

The ordinance would authorize Traffipax, a Florida based company, to install and set up cameras within school zones citywide.

Once installed, the system would only gather data, to determine if there are enough violations to roll out a permanent surveillance system.

If and when a full program is launched, violators would be issued a $17 dollar ticket. 

This week, lawmakers were mostly confused over the verbiage written in the proposal, which made it sound like violators would get fined during this surveillance period.

While it will not cost the city anything to install the camera system, lawmakers were also questioning the costs, if the city did not go forward with Traffipax.

“The cost of doing this, there was no cost. I know we’re going to incur some costs both from the police department, “perhaps”, if you will, as far as overtime costs,“ explained Councilwoman Kim Eckland. “The costs for the DPW to mark these school zones at start and finish so people are well educated on where that zone is. And as well as the liability, and the hours.”   

The mayor’s office promised lawmakers that they would try to find answers to all of their questions before the next work session meeting. 


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