$200,000 In Park Improvements Sought

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — Over $200,000 dollars in park improvements will likely take place this year in the City of Jamestown. 

Those with the Jamestown Parks Department are planning to renovate some of the city’s most underutilized parks.

Parks Manager Dan Stone presented plans to renovate Roseland Park, on the city’s north side and Willard Street Park on the east side, alongside other projects totaling $221,000 thousand dollars. 

At Roseland Park, $120,000 dollars would pave the way for a slew of improvements, including by popular request the installation of new pickleball courts.

“So we’d like to go in and completely remove all existing blacktop, and then pour a new path that goes completely around,” explained Stone. “Completely handicapped accessible all throughout and a lot more green space in there along with a shade structure, and then the front  parking lot area, we’ll create two new pickleball courts, a small parking area with handicapped parking right up to the fence as well.” 

The Willard Street Park location is considered to be the city’s most underutilized play location with some long overdue upgrades sought, including a new volleyball court.

“It’s probably been around since before I was born,“ stated Stone. “Every year we have our insurance guy come around and they’re grateful that we don’t put anything new in, because if we put anything new in, automatically we’ve gotta take out all those old structures. Over the last seven years, we’ve already removed two, but as you can see it’s like what we all grew up with. It’s nothing but solid metal pipes everywhere, one of them great little slides, I’m glad it’s not a big long slide because you would get sunburnt going down that thing every summer.” 

Costing the city $72,000 dollars, the Parks Manager is also looking to plant an orchard.

“On that lower end, it’s such a severe drop off, we’d never be able to build anything on that without a huge change in grade,“ explained Stone. “Incorporating a possible fruit orchard, have different flowering and fruiting trees in through there to start. To go along with the public market.”   

Other projects proposed by the Parks Department include $15,000 dollars to resurface the city’s many basketball courts, and $14,000 for 18 self-watering flower pots in the downtown area.


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