NYS Senator Fixing Nourish NY Blunder

Photo: Betzabeth Y. Galvan / USMC

ALBANY, NY (WNY News Now) – A New York State Senator is vying to fix a mistake made by the Department of Health and Nourish NY Tuesday afternoon.

Until last September Nourish NY, a program to distribute funding to regional food banks, operations were functioning as intended. 

Then the DOH unexpectedly merged Nourish NY with the Hunger Prevention Nutrition Assistance Program, the new Request for Funding procedure was compromised. 

His sponsorship strives to fix arising issues with the Nourish NY food bank funds due to the Department of Health’s ill-informed action. 

The unexplained merger did not consider the wildly different aspects of both programs. As a result, several New York food banks faced major funding cuts. 

Borello is co-sponsoring Senate Bill 7533 in order to fix this mistake by specifying the Nourish NY funds original function.

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