Grants For Flooded NY Homes 

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New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced new financial assistance for residents recovering from last week’s historic floods.

The State of New York is focusing particularly on the extensive damage to homes in Orange County.

Homeowners say the assistance is desperately needed for what they expect will be a long recovery:

“The whole property line is eroded.”

Neighbors on weyant-terrace in highland-falls tell me,

They’re relieved to hear about Governor Kathy-Hochul’s new three-million-dollar state-fund to immediately help repair storm-damaged homes in Orange-County.

Gayle Margolin plans to apply for some of it.

Home-owners can receive as much as 50-thousand dollars for repairs.

Margolin has some idea of how she’d use it.

“This is all like sewage contamination. My husband lost all his band equipment,” explained Gayle Margolin, Highland Falls Resident

Without the state’s life-line, Margolin and her neighbors may have to wait weeks, maybe months to learn if they’re eligible for aid through the federal emergency management agency.

Margolin is finding pieces of her property all around the neighborhood.

“It’s 30-feet-long wooden bridge, and now its now it’s here. We just found it yesterday,” explained Margolin.

Governor Hochul and some local elected officials returned to sacred-heart-of-jesus covenant school Tuesday to announce the repair-program.

FEMA’s already been assessing damage to local infrastructure like roads and pipes.

Those repairs are already underway, and the governor expects those costs to be reimbursed by fema.

“But what about the homeowners? Who’s taking care of them? I doubt that most people have enough money in their bank account to cover unanticipated damage,” explained Gov. Hochul.

State emergency management officials say they and reps from fema just started assessing damage to private homes.

And after that, some home-owners may find they don’t qualify for federal aid.

Hochul says that’s why this new state fund is so necessary.

New York’s small business administration also is examining the damage and plans to help business owners rebuild.

That assistance would likely come in the form of low interest loans.

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