Six Foot ‘doomsday Fish’ Baffles Deep Sea Divers

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An amazing discovery in international waters could mean big and potentially bad news if local legends are to be believed!

Take a look at an amazing deep sea discovery as divers were dazzled by an enormous deep sea oarfish spotted off the northeastern coast of Taiwan.

Holy mackerel, that is one big fish!

How big?

Roughly more than six feet long, the oar fish was found dotted with what appeared to be giant bite marks.

If that isn’t ominous enough, the creature known as a “messenger from the sea god’s palace” has gained a reputation as a doomsday harbinger of sorts.

Local legend claims the oarfish appears just before natural disasters like tsunamis or earthquakes.

I dunno, sounds kinda fishy to me.

Now for a fish out of water of the metaphorical variety.

A bizarre object found washed up on an Australian beach is spawning space speculation and suspicions!

The giant metal cylinder, which is taller than a human was found damaged and peppered with barnacles and after initially being cordoned off was later deemed harmless.

Australian space agency experts suspect the cylinder is, most likely, marooned space junk.

And finally, deputies in Mississippi found something where it wasn’t supposed to be a lone camel trotting along a country road.

Turns out the furry friend had gotten loose from a local animal farm and was returned safely but after a snappin a few silly selfies.

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