Borrello Against Wind Farms

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MAYVILLE, NY (WNY News Now) – Wind Farms are a touchy subject for many in the area, including Senator George Borrello. 

Borrello is so passionate about ending the placement of Wind Turbines that he has even started a petition in order to ‘preserve water quality and border security’. 

Wind farms have been growing all across New York State, accordingly at the expense of farmer’s land. The senator is also concerned with the environmental impact these turbines will bring. 

“One of the biggest challenges that we face in New York State right now is the proliferation of wind and solar projects. They are all over the place, these things are heavily subsidized from start to finish, they’re made and produced under horrible environmental conditions, whether it’s slave labor in China or it’s child labor and slave labor in the Congo to the horrible environmental conditions that these items that are needed are mined,” said Senator George Borrello. 

Borello has even gone so far as to refer to damage made by these wind farms as “irreparable”. 

With several wind farms across the state being built, it seems support for these turbines is divided. 

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