Washington Street Bike Lanes

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Construction on a major Jamestown thoroughfare is almost complete, with a new redesign and changed traffic pattern, many are left questioning what the purpose of the green painted streets are. 

We spoke with the City of Jamestown’s DPW Chair Randy Daversa, where he says that the green lanes are for bicyclists. 

“Well many people have been asking about what the green markings are here on Washington Street, and what they’re also referred to as green boxes,“ explained Daversa. “And the green boxes are to highlight that there could be a cyclist in the green area.” 

This is all in an effort by the State and City of Jamestown to make both pedestrians and cyclists safer. This also includes a new set of traffic rules.

“The vehicles have to stop before the green stripe and yield the right of way to a cyclist that  comes up either to make a turn or go straight,” stated Daversa. “Now the cyclist has the right of way to come into the green area ahead of you, and if he signals to turn left, he has the priority to turn left. And he has the priority, or she, to go straight on the green line and the green dotted line, when a vehicle is turning right. Please heed to their right of way.”   

Daversa also says the reasoning for the lime green color is due to how eye-catching the green boxes are.

In addition to the changed lanes, a new street light at Steel and 6th Streets will also be implemented.

“I think it’s one of the most dangerous intersections to come up and turn right or left,“ explained Daversa. “So the State did their study and decided that that light is needed and I’m agreeing with that also.”

Daversa went on to say that in time the city would like all lights to match the reflecting stop lights that the State put along Washington Street.


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