Seven Locations Awarded Grant Money For Shovel-Ready Tracts

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ALBANY, NY (WNY News Now) – Governor Kathy Hochul announced on Tuesday that $39.6 million has been awarded for seven locations under the Focused Attraction of Shovel-Ready Tracts New York (FAST NY) grant program. 

First announced in February 2022, the program is designed to prepare and develop sites across the state to jumpstart New York’s shovel-readiness and increase its attractiveness to large employers and high-tech manufacturing companies. 

The program, administered by Empire State Development, will help diversify New York State’s economy while propelling new investments for businesses, communities, and job creation according to the governor. 

“I talk about how we want to position ourselves for the jobs of the future and create generational wealth based on people who stay here, not leave as has happened for so long. This area was the heart of the textile industry, it also had at one time one of the wealthiest per capitas in America. The city nearby was one of the wealthiest. We obviously lost that by mid-century, last century. Deindustrialization had a big impact, it wasn’t just here. It was not just the Mohawk Valley, it happened everywhere as the textile mills went overseas, went down south. It was a hard hit for our region, but also for our psychology, how you feel about a region, and when the job disappeared, the hope disappeared,” said Governor Kathy Hochul. 

Governor Hochul expresses her desire to create jobs and assist the state, stating that she is “proud to announce” the allocation of the funding. 


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