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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – The only thing better than a farmer’s market is a farmer’s market on wheels. The Jamestown Mobile Market is promoting local businesses as well as encouraging Pearl City residents to eat healthy.

The market hit the street earlier in the week with several different vendors offering a wide variety of products to purchase, showcasing something for everyone. WNY News Now spoke with a few of these businesses to see what eager shoppers can expect. 

One of the businesses that had set up on Wednesday was the Ellicottville Distillery, displaying their numerous distilled delights. 

“These are New York State grown products, a big part of our spirits is corn,” said a representative from the Ellicottville Distillery. 

Keeping products local is very important to many of the vendors at the Mobile Market.

“This is popcorn that I make with Aber’s Acres popcorn which is a local small farm. I make a lot of different flavors but one of the ones that I really love is this concord grape one because this is made with real concord grape juice from the vineyards up around Lake Erie so it’s local popcorn and local syrup on it,” said Joan of Pearl City Popcorn. 

Our own Lee Cain Jr was lucky enough to sample one of these delicious treats, and was not disappointed. 

Helping others is very important to Pearl City Popcorn, as they use their funds to give back to others. 

“I donate all my profits to two different things, locally I give to UCAN mission, all the profits today are going to UCAN, and then sometimes I give nationally to an organization called the National MPS society, it’s a rare disease that my husband happens to have and there are people all across the world that have it so we try to do special sales for them from time to time and try to donate to support them and to advocate for them,” Joan said. 

An assortment of products from fresh produce and spirits to yarns and cosmetics are available at the market. 

“Handmade bath and beauty products, it started out as a hobby and it just kind of grew. The fiber part of it started as a farm out in Randolph three years ago, I sold it three years ago, and I still have stock left over from the store,” explained Judith of Ladysong Farm. 

The Mobile Market will be held every Saturday from 10 a.m to 2 p.m through October. For a full list of locations, you can visit the Jamestown Market Facebook page


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