Domestic Dispute Leads to Arrest

(WNY News Now) – Jamestown, NY – A late-night domestic dispute on December 4, 2023, resulted in the arrest of two Jamestown residents on charges of Criminal Contempt and Harassment.

Responding to a call at 11:31 PM, officers from Jamestown City’s third platoon discovered the couple, both subject to valid stay-away orders, in their north side apartment. The police arrested Rudy L Ryen, 47, and Christina L Dorman, 48, without incident, but a troubling turn occurred when Ryen spat in Dorman’s face while in custody.

The duo now faces charges: Rudy L Ryen, 47, with Criminal Contempt 1st and Harassment 2nd, while Christina L Dorman, 48, is charged with Criminal Contempt 2nd. The accused are presently held at Jamestown City Jail awaiting arraignment.


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