School Bus Safety Cheat Sheet in STOP4MY Bus Campaign

School Bus Safety in STOP4MY Bus Campaign image by JPD

(WNY News Now) – In a proactive move to enhance school bus safety, the City of Jamestown Police and Jamestown Public Schools have partnered for the STOP4MY Bus Campaign, aimed at curbing the alarming trend of approximately 50,000 cars illegally passing stopped school buses in New York State.

Jamestown N.Y. – This month, the City of Jamestown is taking a bold step to address the pervasive issue of dangerous driving around school buses with the introduction of a new safety initiative. In collaboration with BusPatrol, the campaign equips local school buses with cutting-edge safety technology, including AI-powered stop-arm cameras. These cameras efficiently identify the license plates of vehicles that disregard the mandatory halt for school buses, thereby jeopardizing the safety of children.

As an integral part of this initiative, the captured video evidence is promptly shared with law enforcement for thorough review before citations are issued. It is vital to note that passing a stopped school bus is unequivocally illegal in New York State, and all traffic must come to a standstill when encountering a school bus with its red lights flashing.

The collaboration aims not only to enforce existing traffic regulations but also to create a safer environment for students commuting to and from school. Violators of this law face a fine of $250 for a first-time offense.

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