Cuomo To Raise Age To Purchase Tobacco and Vaping Materials To 21 Across The State

As part of an aggressive agenda for his first 100 days of his third term, Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to lift the age to buy tobacco and vaping materials to 21 across New York State.

Chautauqua County has already raised the age to 21, but Cuomo’s plan would make it state-wide.

“We have made great strides to stamp out teen smoking, but new products threaten to undo this progress to the detriment of millions of Americans. In New York, we refuse to stand idly by while unscrupulous businesses target our young people and put their very futures at risk,” Cuomo said.

Along with raising the age, Cuomo’s agenda would ban the sale of these products in pharmacies, implement certain display restrictions, clarify the Health Department authority to ban the sale of certain flavors of e-cig liquids, restrict available discounts for these products and require that they be sold only through licensed retailers.

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