Jadlowski License Ban Is 10 Years, Firearm Ban Is Permanent

ALBANY – The DEC, in a statement to WNYNewsNow, said the Thomas Jadlowski hunting license ban can only be for 10 years, but his right to own a firearm or muzzelloader is permanent.

On background, a DEC spokesman, in response to an inquiry by WNYNewsNow, said “DEC can only revoke his license for up to 10 years. However, his conviction (plea) to a felony offense means he can no longer possess or use a firearm or muzzleloader.”

This would not prevent Jadlowski from hunting with a bow or crossbow once the license ban is lifted.

The DEC is revoking Jadlowski’s sporting license after he accidently shot and killed Sherman woman Rosemary Billquist while hunting after sunset in November 2017.

Jadlowski, 34, of Sherman, was sentenced Monday in Chautauqua County Court by Judge David Foley to serve one to three years at a facility to be determined by the New York State Department of Corrections.

The sentence was issued as a result of Jadlowski’s guilty plea to criminally negligent homicide in the shooting death of Rosemary Billquist on Thanksgiving Eve 2017.

Jadlowski, who was illegally hunting deer after official sunset, aimed and fired at Billquist, his neighbor, when he mistook her for a deer as she was walking in a field behind her home in Sherman.

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