Teresi Says Mayoral Future Will Be Discussed At Later Date

Jamestown Mayor Sam Teresi answers questions from reporters 01/28/19

JAMESTOWN – “We will address that at a later date.”

Jamestown City Mayor Sam Teresi’s statement came following Jamestown City Council’s monthly Voting Session when he was asked by WNYNewsNow if he plans to seek re-election this November.

Teresi further explained that his main objective was to present his 2019 goals tonight to the Council during his annual State of the City Address.

“My first objective was to get the agenda set for 2019, get it presented to the Council and public tonight,” Teresi said. “We’ll take up the political agenda issues in an appropriate and due time.”

Throughout Teresi’s nearly 20-year-tenure as Mayor, he has seen numerous supporters and critics. WNYNewsNow asked what Teresi would tell those who criticize his office. He told his critics to see the results his office has obtained over the years, and join the people who are “working hard” to solve the cities’ problems.

“Join the vast super majority of people in this City that are working hard to address our issues and problems, and build on our opportunities, and make good things happen,” Teresi said. “The proof is in the results that have been coming for many, many years.”

“Join with the folks of this community that love it and are doing everything in their power to make it better.”

Teresi beat former Republican Mayor Richard Kimball, Jr. in 1999, and then again in 2003 when Kimball, Jr. challenged him. Teresi also defeated Republican Sherry SanFilippo in 2007.

Teresi ran unopposed in 2011 and 2015. As of publish time, nobody has declared a run against Teresi.

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