Power Of Positivity

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JAMESTOWN – Jefferson Middle School eighth graders, Kierston Fraley and Oliviah La Mountain, decided recently to spread positivity at their school with a “Positivity Mailbox” in the library.

The young ladies approached Library Media Specialist, Julie Livengood, while decorating the library desk for Valentine’s Day. They realized there was an empty mailbox.

“We saw this little mailbox sitting by where you check out books and we thought it would be really cool to write inspirational messages and put them into the mailbox so anyone could take one,” said Kierston. “We thought by spreading kindness and positivity, it might help others to think about being more kind to others too.”

The girls check the mailbox daily and when it starts getting low, they add sayings, quotes or something they might create such as:  “Be unique,” or “Shine bright like a diamond.” The girls feel strongly that you need to spread positivity and kindness every day.

“If someone gets put down, they may feel badly but maybe if they get a positivity card they’ll think, why am I down? I can be myself and not follow what they are doing,” said Olivia. “We hope by giving out positivity notes, it will inspire others to pass it forward to someone else.”

Livengood sees the results of the girl’s work.

“I was so touched when Oliviah & Kierston approached me about doing this random act of kindness.  It’s students like these who remind me to never underestimate the spirit and heart of a young person.”

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