Reed ‘Amazed’ By Visit To Cassadaga Job Corps

Congressman Tom Reed (R - NY 23) and Sheriff Jim Quattrone In Jamestown, NY. Photo date: 10/16/18. Image by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.

CASSADAGA – Congressman Tom Reed left his Tuesday tour of the Cassadaga Job Corps “amazed” with the talent and skills of the students with whom he visited.

Reed toured the facility and participated in a few projects that included both plumbing and electric work. Students were eager to show not only what they knew, but to teach him about their trades as well, Reed said.

“There is pride in work, and that was evident today from the interactions we had with the students today,” Reed said. “These young people are working hard to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others – and Cassadaga Job Corps is making it possible. My hat is off to all of them for their diligence and determination.”

During the visit, Reed was able to see the students’ workspaces, visit with students and see what a typical project looked like.

Cassadaga Job Corps Director Dennis Essom said the students are what make the programs great.

“We appreciate Congressman Reed’s continued support of our program,” Essom said. “We appreciate his support because this is an opportunity he’s helping to give these young adults.”

Essom said the students have such talent and such a drive to learn, but they need a program like Cassadaga Job Corps to lead the way. He said the goal of the program is to have many students leave the program with a job secured already, but the program also offers services to help students find jobs after Job Corps.

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