CVS Investing Millions To Combat Teen Vaping Over Next Five Years

Photo: TBEC Review / CC BY 2.0

WESTERN NEW YORK – CVS Pharmacy is trying to cut down on the number of teens who smoke E-Cigarettes.

This week the company announced they’re about to invest 10 million dollars to try to reverse the trend, and that’s just step one.

This is a 5-year initiative adding up to 50 million dollars when it’s all said and done.

The company said they are trying to “help deliver the nation’s first tobacco-free generation.”

The money will help create classroom-based programs and help clinics get the resources they need to address e-cigarette use and cover training on it.

In a report released in February, the CDC and FDA estimated there were 1.3 million more teens using tobacco between 2017 and 2018.

The agencies said that’s all linked to e-cigarettes, also called vaping.

According to the report the rise is so significant it wipes out any progress in declining youth tobacco use in recent years.

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