Morning People May Have Lower Risk Of Breast Cancer, New Study Says

Gerry Lauzon / CC BY 2.0 .

WESTERN NEW YORK – According to a study published Wednesday in the BMJ, sleep traits could be a risk factor for Breast Cancer.

Researchers found women who preferred to get out of bed early in the morning had a lower risk of Breast Cancer than those who stayed up late.

They also found one out of 100 women who considered themselves morning people developed Breast Cancer, compared with two in 100 women who described themselves as evening people.

However, doctors say that improving sleeping patters would not necessarily reduce the risk of Breast Cancer and that the study doesn’t shed light on what process causes sleep traits to affect Breast Cancer risk.

Researchers used information from more than 400,000 women.

Experts cautioned that other Breast Cancer risk factors such as alcohol consumption and being overweight have a greater impact than sleep.

The study was first presented in November 2018 at the NCRI Cancer Conference in Glasgow.

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