Previous Storm Damage Knocks The Summer Wind Out Of Commission

Image by Chautauqua Weather Today.

CELORON – The Summer Wind, which was damaged during storms earlier this year, will be out of commission for the bulk of the season, according to the owners of the craft.

The Summer Wind suffered more than $50,000 in damage during June storms, according to Office Manager Liz Kaltenbach.

“Half of our upper deck, from the Captain’s Deck back, was sheared off,” Kaltenbach told WNYNewsNow. Also damages was the radar system, electrical systems and fire hosing.

While she said there is no sign of the business fasiling because of the lay off of the cruises, she noted the company is anxious to be riding the waves again.

“We’ve never been out of commission from storm damage in our history before,” she said.

Asked if The Summer Wind business could overcome the shutdown, she replied, “God willing. Honestly, we’re looking to be up and running by late July or early August.”

The Summer Wind owners posted that the vessel will not be sailing for at least most of July, but they hope to have repairs finished and be underway again in late July or early August.

“The Summer Wind sustained massive damage from a storm early in June. We are still undergoing repairs. Unfortunately, this has put us out of commission for the majority of our season,” officials posted. “We are hoping to be running by the end of July. With this being said, our office is also currently closed at this time. Please feel free to call and leave a message as we will return your call.”

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