2AWNY To Refute Gun Law Claims By Moms Demand Action

WEST SENECA – Steve Felano, 2AWNY.COM Civil Rights Advocate, will refute gun law claims to be made by Moms Demand Action, 30 minutes prior to the groups forum at the West Seneca Public Library at 6 p.m., Thursday.

Felano will “forcefully refute the erroneous claims made by the group regarding universal background checks and red flag gun confiscation edicts.”

Felano said “Moms Demand Action and other Bloomberg-backed progressive acolytes have cynically seized on the recent Texas and Ohio mass killings to sell unconstitutional universal background checks (UBC) and red flag gun confiscation edicts as a cure-all for similar events,” The truth is the killers in Texas and Ohio legally obtained their firearms, meaning UBC would not have prevented their murderous rampages.”

He went on to say in a statement that “red flag-style gun confiscation is ripe for abuse by government officials, and has already been misused by Allegany County judges and town officials to unlawfully suspend a former local justice’s Second, Fourth, and 14th Amendment civil rights in retaliation for her exercise of First Amendment-protected free speech.”

“The fact of the matter is, Bloomberg-funded moms don’t demand ‘action,’ as they’d like you to believe. These moms demand unconstitutional gun confiscation, and this will not be tolerated. The aforementioned issues and supporting facts will be outlined at 6 p.m. on the West Seneca Public Library Front Lawn, 30 minutes prior to the ‘Moms Demand Action’ meeting scheduled to occur at the same location.”

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