Cattaraugus County Lawmakers Considering Ban On Flavored E-cigarettes

LITTLE VALLEY – Officials in Cattaraugus County are considering a ban on flavored e-cigarettes to combat teen use.

This week the Cattaraugus County Legislature’s Human Services Committee tabled a proposed law that would effectively ban the sale of flavored e-cigarette “juice” in the county.

The lawmakers say flavored e-cigarettes are popular among youth and contribute to teen smoking.

“The Legislature hereby finds that many e-cigarette and liquid nicotine products come in flavors that are attractive to young people, such as cherry, fruit punch, chocolate and cola,” the bill states. “The Legislature finds that limiting liquid nicotine to tobacco flavor available for purchase would reduce children’s interest in using these products while allowing adults the option to continuing e-cigarettes as a replacement for traditional tobacco products or for smoking cessation purposes.”

A similar ban was proposed in state government this spring but never got to a vote.

Lawmakers are expected to continue discussions at their next session and seek public input on the issue.


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