Consumer Watch: E-Cigarette Makers Feel The Heat

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WASHINGTON – As the Trump Administration moves to ban non-tobacco flavored vaping products, the e-cigarette industry is feeling the heat with tighter regulations on the horizon.

A new proposed enforcement policy aimed at banning non-tobacco flavored vaping products.

The Food and Drug Administration is finalizing those guidelines which are expected to be released “in a couple of weeks.”

Vaping companies like Juul have been criticized for hooking children on e-cigs with their sweet or fruity flavors. Juul maintains that its products are intended to convert adult smokers.

The announcement created some strong reaction on Wall Street.

Shares of Altria, which owns a 35-percent share of Juul, fell on Wednesday before recovering.

Philip Morris also took a dive but then eventually went back up as well.

Advocates say more regulations are good for consumers. According to the Stanford Research into the impact of tobacco advertising, many e-liquid bottles lack childproof caps and contain “poisonous levels” of nicotine.

The announcement also comes during an outbreak of lung-disease related to vaping that has sickened hundreds and killed at least six people.


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