Thruway Authority Director Says I-90 Needs A “Complete Overhaul”

Image by Justin Gould/WNYNewsNow.

IRVING – New York State’s Thruway Authority Director says the part of Interstate 90 that runs through the Seneca Nation is so badly damaged it needs a complete overhaul.

Thruway Authority Director Matthew Driscoll​, in a letter to the Seneca Nation Monday, said the concrete base of the road is crumbling and simply repaving would not be an effective fix.

“A new and durable asphalt driving surface requires a sound concrete base, and its current condition as confirmed by our engineers’ assessment will simply not allow for that,” Driscoll said in the letter. “We have determined that completing the required repairs of the concrete base along with full asphalt pavement replacement is not achievable in the timeframe remaining this fall. Therefore, the Thruway Authority will initiate a competitive bidding process to secure a contractor to perform the work in the spring.”

Driscoll said crews will continue to perform temporary repairs to the road safer for winter driving.

He said part of the overall project will include about 60,000 tons of pavement being dug up and removed, that work is expected to get underway in the spring.

Previously, several local leaders joined Congressman Tom Reed to call on the state to come to an agreement with the Seneca Nation to fix the highway.

The two groups reached a deal in September to move forward with the work.


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