3,000 Plus Take Part In Early Voting, 25,000 Expected To Participate Overall

WNY News Now File Image.

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County Board of Election officials say the county had one of the strongest voter participation numbers in the state during early voting last week.

Democrat Election Commissioner Norm Green says his office received a lot of positive feedback from those who took to the polls.

“At early voting you were able to go to one of any of the three polls sites and automatically your ballot was printed through a wireless air ballot system,” said Green. “It was much simpler, much easier.”

Specifically, Green said the Chautauqua Mall was a great central point for those going out to dinner or shopping on the weekends.

The commissioner says 3,827 people voted early. He expects around 25,000 people will participate overall in the election either by early voting, absentee ballots or visiting a booth on Tuesday.

Early voting turnout is expected to increase next year once residents are more familiar with the early voting process. The Presidential election will also likely increase participation.

Polls open at 6 a.m.


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