Reed Says Cuomo’s Threat To National Grid’s Gas Service Is “Troubling”

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed says Governor Andrew Cuomo’s threat to revoke National Grid’s certificate to offer natural gas service in New York is troubling.

Reed, during a media conference call Wednesday, says pulling National Grid’s natural gas license is just dangerous and wrong.

The Congressman believes that a natural gas pipeline would be the safest way to transport the resource around the state.

“That is just not effective, it raises more risk to our community putting it on rail,” explained Reed. “To me this is showing the extremism driving the policy rather than policy leading the way.”

State utility regulators this fall took aim at National Grid for denying natural gas service to more than 1,100 customers in Queens and Brooklyn since May.

The company blamed New York’s rejection of an application for a $1 billion pipeline to bring natural gas from Pennsylvania’s shale gas fields.

Cuomo says such a pipeline wouldn’t be in service until at least next year. National Grid has since reversed course and begun connecting customers.


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